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Going down the chain mooring arriving on base at a depth of about 15 meters and we head west to reach the wall. The short drive from the wall that separates us is littered with large rocks isolated where you can meet some moray eel in the den. Once in the vicinity of the wall we see that the same stretches focusing strongly towards the bottom towards the south. Keeping it on our right begin get down. Always looking to our right we can see the beautiful landscape offered by the overlying rocks: they are large pinnacles that we will meet on the way back, but that from this perspective seem to look like giants. Continuing, the wall tends to bend toward the west: it is recommended that a minimum of attention to the presence of an abandoned fishing net between the spurs covered with red gorgonian (Paramuricea clavata). At the depth of about 35 m, we begin to admire the bathymetric characteristics of these species: red coral (Corallium rubrum), coral (Paramuricea clavata ) and beautiful large worms. 
few more meters to the west and you will see a unique show two vertical walls and almost parallel to each other to form an amphitheater stand over 20 meters tall. Going down to the bottom at a depth of about 40 meters could visit to a splendid specimen of lobster.

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