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Secca dell'Isuela

In front of Punta Chiappa, 200 meters from the coast, is one of the most spectacular diving in the reserve Portofino is the famous dry dell'Isuela, an underwater mountain that starts at a depth of 60 meters to get to "touch" the area only 13 meters deep. Thanks to the strong currents and rich of plankton, the shallow of Isuela presents a veritable explosion of life in the crevices of the reef big conger and moray eel, among the rocks , it is easy to find lobsters, groupers and redfish. The walls are full of gorgonias and coral and the area of the reef is popular with all types of fish including big shoals of snappers hunting. And certainly the most aspire dive site in the Marine Protected Area of Portofino it’s vertical walls and the shoal of fish that are found all around offer a comprehensive overview of the fauna in the Mediterranean. However, this is a chance to dive at high current and therefore difficult medium- high that extends from 13 meters, where he finds the top of the reef, to over 40 meters.

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