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The "KT" is an anti-hunting submarines sunk in 2216 UJ model in September 1944.

The wreck lies at a depth of 53 meters. The ship was originally called Eros and it was a beautiful yacht belonging to a French nobleman, Baron Henri de Rothschild. The first missions assigned to this prestigious yachts were mostly diplomatic but later made several changes in order to turn it into a U- Jager (hunter submarines).

During the descent, the visibility is good and the current drops down. The wreck has a narrow, streamlined shape typical of a fast ship. And 'advisable to dive with great caution and only in optimal weather and sea conditions. The ship is completely surrounded by shoals of anthias pink, vogues, picarels and big bream. The hull is then covered with gorgeous encrustations that make it similar to a tropical garden.

To view this wreck is preferable to the use of Trimix mixtures.

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